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Options To Consider When You Plan To Arrange A Dumpster Rental

You know when it is time to clean up your property: the signs are obvious with piles around your home exterior, in the garage, and old tires in the backyard. When the inside of your home needs updating with a renovation and your outside needs a good cleaning, you can rent a dumpster to help you make the job easier. Here are some options to consider when you are planning for a property clean up and you need a dumpster rental for your refuse and disposal of the project's waste.

Check Into Pricing

Before you rent a dumpster for your property clean up process, you will need to find out how much dumpster capacity you will need based on how much refuse you are going to create. If you are completing a home renovation project, you can estimate your dumpster needs based on the number of rooms and items you will be disposing. Sometimes a dumpster rental company will provide you with a dumpster to fill and will only charge you based on how much you put into it. This type of dumpster rental is a final-use cost basis so you won't rent dumpster capacity you don't use.

Also, make sure you find out all the pricing details of your rental before you rent the dumpster and have it delivered. Ask about any disposal fees or cost-based charges determined by what types of refuse you put into the dumpster. For example, if you will use the dumpster to dispose of concrete waste, is it going to cost more for disposal into the landfill? Ask about any additional fees that will be incurred with the rental price, which can include a delivery fee or fuel charge.

Determine Your Disposal Needs

Another consideration you should think about is what types of waste you are going to be disposing of in your rented dumpster. Some waste is considered hazardous and cannot go into the local landfill, so be sure to get a list of unacceptable items for your cleaning project. For example, if you are going to be cleaning out a shed, garage, or outdoor shop, find out if the dumpster can be used to dispose of leftover paint, motor oil, pesticides, and herbicides from your landscaping projects and used appliances. 

You may look at recycling some appliances or donating them to a local organization that can reuse or rebuild and use appliances. Also, check into any local donation centers who are looking for used doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, and other used building materials, as they can be upcycled and installed in a home update project for those in need. Contact a dumpster rental service for more information.