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2 Ways To Make It Easier To Get Rid Of Junk Stacked Around Your House

If you're cleaning out your garage or attic and you don't want the trouble of having a garage sale, then throwing out old furniture and clutter is the best way to make fast progress. If you get help with the junk removal process, then your work is even easier. Rather than rely on friends to help haul your junk to the dump, consider one of these alternatives.

1. Rent A Dumpster

A dumpster is convenient for hauling away junk since it holds big items that won't fit in your curbside container. There are small and large dumpsters so you can just pay for what you need. You can usually mix household goods together in a dumpster so you don't have to worry about sorting out metal from non-metal junk. You can spend a day carrying everything out of your garage and then the company will pick up the dumpster and haul your junk away, which is much better than leaving junk stacked in heaps while you figure out how to get rid of it.

2. Use A Junk Removal Company

A junk removal company is even more convenient than renting a dumpster. Plus, you won't need to leave a dumpster in your yard overnight. Instead, the truck arrives with helpers that carry your furniture out for you so the cleanup goes very fast. You might appreciate this kind of service if you're doing the work alone and you can't lift furniture or other heavy items. A junk removal company charges by the amount of room on the truck you need, so you can call them to haul off an old broken down couch or an entire attic full of old junk. If you want to get the job done as fast as possible and not have your clutter on display to the neighbors, then using a junk removal company could be your best choice.

Another benefit of using a junk removal company is that they may recycle what they can. If you're getting rid of furniture and home décor that's old but still in good shape, the junk removal company might donate it to a thrift store or recycle it in some other way. If you hate to part with your junk because you feel like someone might appreciate using it, then letting a junk removal company haul it away could make it easier to let go of your clutter.

Using either of these methods of getting rid of your clutter commits you to the process so you can't keep backing out. It's hard to let go of clutter sometimes, but it's also no fun living with a house full of old stuff you don't use or need. Contact a hauling company, such as Customized Hauling, for more info.